Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The British are coming.. the British are coming

If Paul Revere had lived in Cologne in 2006, his cry today would have been just the same as it was 231 years ago. For indeed, it was the beginning of a British invasion as their standard bearers came to defend the honor of England against Sweden.

Their advance party had been to our offices a couple of days ago and went through the special needs that their delegation thought we should be aware of prior to their arrival. I was pleasantly surprised to find that their needs were both sensible and reasonable.

The game is about as high profile as we could possibly expect. Lennart Johannson, UEFA President, FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee Chairman and FIFA Vice President arrived yesterday joining the multitude of Yellow and Blue clad fans already in town being hosted by major tour companies, including one with a big marquee in front of our hotel pumping rock music throughout the night for their good spirited fans.

The full acknowledgement of the hoards of englishmen expected in Cologne came with the announcement that an additional Fan Fest area, holding 35,000 with giant screens and audio in English was being constructed on the banks of the Rhine. For sure, we will have a party tonight in Cologne.

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