Thursday, June 15, 2006

Not as contemporaneous as I would like...

As I started out on this "little" project, the intent was to simply share with you some of the unique experiences that I encounter at the World Cup in my role as a member of FIFA's Executive Committee. I intend to achieve that goal. But, bringing you these reports may not always be the same day, or even at times within a few days of the event happening.

First of all, this isn't news. Second, I am trying to support this by visual images as much as possible. Lastly, I will not include other people's offerings here, since it is my intention to share only my experiences with you and not those of others hundreds of kilometers away.

So, my friends, please be patient and don't throw things at me. I can then take off this silly helmet and try to give you some worthy insight into the workings of this event and the many people who are involved in seeing to it that it all happens.

Stories that are in the works and will be to you shortly are:
The Tower of Personality (a story about the Lord Mayor of Cologne); Our Opening Game (a Story about the Cologne opener - Portugal vs Angola); The Blues Brothers (a story about the USA team's loss to the Czech Republic); The "Sold Out" Alternative (a story about the Fan Fest way to see the games in Germany); and On the Road Again (my current road trip to the games in Hamburg and Hanover).

Keep checking in. I hope you will find it as interesting as it is to be here.



Bibi Comic said...

Love the helmet! I know how difficult it is to keep posting in real time, so keep up the good work!

phil said...

Understood. I'll unfold my arms and stop tapping my toes now...

Have you considered accessorizing the helmet with your new red sunglasses?