Monday, July 03, 2006

Logan has time to decide...

But, the agents are circling as Logan puts on his Mom's colors. With Beckham announcing his retirement as captain of the England team, Logan Chase Blazer is considering his options. In any case, he likely won't be ready until the World Cup of 2026. I will be a proud grandpa for whichever team he plays.

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Derek Armstrong said...

This is Derek Armstrong out here in California -
Thanks to soccer America I caught your blog (what a horrible name for something, even for anything)
I have enjoyed reading your exploits and insight to the world cup -I considered making the effort and decided in the end to watch all 64 games here .The family have enjoyed the world cup (congrats by the way on your new addition to the family) I have 11 grandchildren and I think most of them have been in the house this past two weeks :)---
I am pleased that you have found a successful groove with FIFA and I am sure you are doing a wonderful job. I always did like Chuck Blazer -Continue and have fun Chuck