Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Munich und Beer...

While I admit to beer not being my favorite beverage, being in the Hofbrauhaus in Munich and not having a big stein of beer... well, just didn't seem right. So, here together with Jason
Hughes, my Deputy General Secrtary, we down a couple of big ones and maintain our image as good visitors to this lovely city.
The Hofbrauhaus, built in 1896, many cold pints have found their way down the throats of thirsty customers. 2,600 gallons of beer a day are pumped into the restaurant that seats 1,700 happy customers.

We did our part, and I was in good company with Guillermo Canedo, the member of the CONCACAF Executive Committee from Mexico, Sunil Gulati, President of the United States Soccer Federation together with his General Secretary Dan Flynn and his deputy Jay Berhalter.

If you haven't met Mary Lynn yet, she came back into my life almost 4 years ago and has radically changed my life. While she does encourage me to have the occasional beer, she is responsible for me stopping smoking the day she moved in after 45 years of my puffing away. She has gotten pretty good with her Sony Camera, so much of what you will see here can be attributed to her... it is also the reason she isn't in that many pictures.

Well, don't get the wrong impression from these pictures. I rarely if ever have a beer. Doesn't mean I am a stick in the mud, just that I never gained a taste for it. Clearly, the same can't be said for food.

We left the quiet reserve of the FIFA Lounge to venture out and catch a taste of Munich. Actually, it was fun. We had to squeeze in with some others at a big table first, and then as time went on, we managed to get a place or two more as our driver, Mr. Florin Wald joined us (no beer for him, the designated drive) and Canedo's two sons gradually fit in as we expanded our territory and made friends with those around us.

Munich, beer, beer gardens, beer halls, beer house. There is something about drinking beer in Munich that makes it magical even for a non-beer drinker like me. Oh, the sausages were pretty good too... and soft pretzels... even a spiral cut white radish that you put a dash of salt on... hmmmmm... salty pretzels, salty radishes, salty sausages... I guess these people know how to sell beer, and boy is it good!!!

Our next adventure is into a small village outside of Munich overlooking a lovely lake. I will see you tomorrow.

Good night from Munich.

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